A light-weight, cross-platform, pluggable, extensible and secure framework for deploying C++ plug-ins.
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framework Directory Reference


file  control.cpp [code]
file  control.h [code]
 Master program that initiates GENERIC_SERVER, spawns a thread for each plug-in and runs message loop for that plug-in.
file  generic_server.cpp [code]
file  generic_server.h [code]
 Singleton class to manage framework state and provide utility functions. This class stores master Vector, where all plug-ins are stored. It provides mechanisms to access all loaded plug-ins, loads and unloads plug-ins and provides TCP socket and TLS functionality to plug-ins.
file  mainpage.h [code]
file  service.cpp [code]
file  sslserver.cpp [code]
file  sslserver.h [code]
 Utility class for TLS. Please refer excellent documentation at:
file  XEventLog.cpp [code]
file  XEventLog.h [code]